First time Overclocker,need advice for 980 ti please! :)

So ive never OCd before and i was wondering what the best settings are for a reference MSI 980 ti. I dont want to go insane with it but rather find a stable,safe sweetspot that wont greatly reduce the lifetime of the card.I plan on using it for the next three years or so...
I got the msi afterburner but those sliders scare me,what if i blow my pc up?! :D Any advice would be apreciated.
I have a 700W Tacens PSU (not that great i assume),a non k i7 4770 3,9ghz,16 gigs of hyperX Savage ram and only one 92mm 20€ Noiseblocker fan on the back of the case.Its an HP Envy pc im upgrading.
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    If you dont need 10fps more and like 20c+ temps more then I wouldnt recomend to you Oc'ing. Also you will probobly have overheat with a reference cooler...

    If you still want To OC

    Open unigine heaven benchmark let it run without benchmarking. With Ctrl+Alt+Delete+ put the msi afterburner on the middle of the screen and check your temps,clocks,power % before doint the OC. First put the fan speed as high as possible without driving you crazy. Then Increase by 5+mhz the core/memory clock until you see the power usage going more than 100% Then if it goes more than 100% increase it as much as you can. Then Increase the clocks as high as you can until some artifacts or colour changes/ weird gaps appear on the Screen. Thats when we say that an oc is unstable . When the artifacts apear turn down by little the core clock until they disappear if they need to be decreased a lot to not show artifacts that means that your gpu isnt meant to be oc'd in the core. If that happens then I would decrease by a lot the core clock and crank up the memory clock Good LUCK

    NOTE If your temps ever get higher than 75c stop oc'ing cause it decreases your gpu's life. Also When its stable the OC in the heaven benchmark download OCCT and crank down the clocks until no errors appear when you finish the benchmark Hope I Helped you!!
  2. Thx so much :)
  3. I had a lot of time so I made this little guide...
    Also if you want high scores in benchmarks like 3dmark it benefits a lot by core clock oc. So.. Did you try to oc? And what happend if you did?
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