Would the MSI 970 Gaming motherboard be good for overclocking my FX 8350?

I'm looking for a good am3+ oc board on a budget. I've been attracted to this one because of the 8+2 power phase design. Is it good for overclocking an 8350 with sufficient cooling?
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    They all have similar power designs anymore. Really does not seem that any one company has a lock on good power. They have all copied each other, and power delivery now is so good in most cases, you can normally get within 100 MHZ of the maximum overclock a CPU can do.

    I actually think a good power supply is now as important as a good motherboard. The better the power delivery, the better off your motherboard will be, which means the better the CPU will be as well. I often say the power supply is the most important item in your case due to this. You want something that is very smooth, just barely any ripple at all. I personally prefer Seasonic power supplies. I believe they are the best made power supplies around. And if you look at the Power Supply List here on Toms, there are 14 Seasonic made power supplies out of 28 models.
  2. Well it is am3+ motherboard so it should be good for overclocking and from what I know it comes with built in OC software in the GUI (although I doubt you will use it because you probably know that OC's should always be from the BIOS).
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