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I bought a pc yesterday and it worked like a charm,but windows 10 was installed on it and all my programs are windows 7 compatible,so i tried to access bios as the earlier owner of this desktop told me by prrssing F12 but nothing happens so i tried to enter recovery then the pc restarted and the monitor displayed nothing i tried it on another desktop and it works fine,so any ideas?and by the way when i plug in the ssd harddrive with windows 10 on it i notices the keyboard lights turns off every 10 seconds or something but when i unplug the ssd harddrive the keyboard lights didnt turn off but there is no display either and here are my specs
i7 4770k
Gigabyte z87 hd3
Kingston hyperx beast 4x4 16gb 2400
ssd 850 evo samsung 250 gb & wd blak 3tb
Coolermaster silent pro m2 silver 850watt
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    There have been some issues regarding the upgrade to windows 10, you may have to clean install the OS for it to work right, (backup any important files/documents)
    BTW, you can usually access the BIOS by pressing the delete key.
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