Does Z77 Chipset support M2 and questions regarding Intel Motherboard.

My first question is simply will a Z77 chipset work with a M2 Pci Express setup? Something like this is what I was thinking.

Assuming that it does which I am 99% sure it does. Then would anyone have any experiences with a setup like this on a Intel DZ77GA-70k motherboard.

I currently run 2 Raid Zero Samsung 840 Pro's and am looking at trying something new. I figured I can keep the 840's pros as program drives or something. I wanted to try out the PCI Express Drive tech now that the price points come down a bit.

Thanks in advance for the support.
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  1. The Z77 chipset doesn't natively offer M.2, but if you use an adapter to plug it into a PCIe slot, then it's like any other PCIe SSD.
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  2. I got the drive setup I mentioned above and I cant get the thing to boot. I have tired everything I can think of including playing around in the bios.

    I have tired looking up support from intel. I have tried looking up support on goggle. I tried intel's little built in forum. The drive is recognized by the computer.

    I just can't get it to be bootable. What can I do or try next. I was under the understanding that the Z77 would boot the drive now I am not so sure. I really hope I didn't waste my money. Special since I have read of others getting this to work on other z77 motherboards.
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  3. Your bios does not have the correct modules to boot. It is my understanding that unless you hack the bios, by adding the modules yourself it will only work as storage.

    Is it at least working as regular storage?
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