New computer won't output display signal with graphics card in, but does when without.

I'm a first time builder. I had a problem when trying to post after building my computer and I tested a few things by starting the computer with/without different components. It was then when I realised that my whenever I started my computer with the gpu inserted, it wouldn't display, but without it, it would. I'm so confused by this. I haven't installed windows yet and I'm thinking that it could be a driver issue or some setting in the bios.

Here are my specs:

pentium g3258
msi gtx 960 (4gb)
corsair cx500m
wd blue 1tb
Hyperx Fury 2x4gb (1866mhz)

Thankyou for your consideration
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    Are you plugging your monitor into the gpu or the motherboard? should be plugged into the gpu.
  2. Thankyou! I realised this morning that I had to change some settings on the monitor! :D
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