I am planning to build a Skylake PC and chose the Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO board. Should I go with 4x4GB vs 2x8GB RAM? 2x8GB is a bit cheaper, but how to know which will have better performance?
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  1. They will be exactly the same performance. Go 2x 8GB. Its a lighter load on the memory controller. Not to mention, you might want to add another of those kits someday.
  2. 2x8GB, less stress on the MC and you may get slightly better performance as the MC is being worked as much
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    It's a dual channel board - it communicates and sees 2 slots as one. Therefore 2x8 will be seen as one device, where as 4x4 as two devices. Obviously it's faster to deal with on device at a time, so go with 2x8. Additionally, you can upgrade in the future to 32GB if you feel the need to.
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