AMD r9 390x Crashing!

Hi! I recently downloaded Black Ops 3 Beta. For my Pc with a Sapphire r9 390x. The proplem is that it crashes like every forth minute so I have to restart it with the task manager. I have the same problem with Black Ops 2.
I have the latest drivers: 15.7.1 Games like Battlefield 3/4, CS-GO, Works absolutely fine.

I don't know who else to ask, Noone seems to know anything that works on forums..
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  1. Same issue here, only difference is that I use the MSI model of the R9 390x. Black Ops II, GTA V, and the Black Ops III Beta all crash for me, it takes a few minutes, but something gives out which results in a still picture with sound or a black screen with sound. Another thing that is odd is that I tried using the AMD 7950, and GTA V crashed still, which leads me to believe it isn't the display adapters fault. Many games still work fine after hours of playing, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, is one example of a game that has no issues.
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