Cs:go lag spikes with good hardware and fast Internet

Hi guys,

Apologies to anyone who believes I have posted this under the wrong section, I believe my issue is my Internet because it's a lag not an fps issue.

Basically, played CS:GO no problem until last night where I suddenly started getting lag every, 5-10 seconds of varying intensity rendering the game unplayable.

I am connected to my router wirelessly which is a Netgear R8000 connected to a BT Home Hub 5 modem (76Mb fibre). I'm using this set up for signal elsewhere in the house but I get 90%+ signal from either router but I connect to 1 of the 5GHz bands from the Netgear router. I'm using a TP-Link Archer AC1900 wireless card in my PC. Just in case here's the rest of my specs:

Gigabyte GA970A-UD3P motherboard
FX-6350 @ 4.7GHz
16GB 1866MHZ HyperX Fury
Gigabyte R9 280 (OC)
Windows 10

When I look on my router there are basically no devices connected (was late at night) could download/upload files no problem elsewhere but when it came to playing CS:GO I was suffering.

Anyone have any idea or things for me to do that may help me identify my problem?

Many Thanks,

Ps. Admin feel free to move the post if it's in the wrong place!
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  1. Does your MS increase when it happens? Does the game stutter or freeze for a second?
    Please do elaborate what kind of 'lag' you're experiencing.
  2. @fjaesbog

    My game freezes and then jumps to where I should be if I have input commands to move etc and then will be fine for a few seconds and repeat. I tried using an ethernet cable too but for some reason (I have a feeling win 10 has something to do with this) my ethernet port isn't working on my mobo even after updating the drivers for win10. Finally, it disconnected me from the game last night once at the end where I gave up.

    I don't understand what you mean by MS increase. Is there a way I can monitor that and get some figures?
  3. Basically MS / Ping ingame. Your ping, does it scoop up to a couple hundreds or does it stay the same? Because it sounds to me like the WiFi drops the connection and reconnects. And about that your cable doesn't work, it might not be entirely correct. Try to shut off your wireless, (disabled WiFi adapter in control panel) and plug in the cable, and tell me if it works.
  4. @fjaesbog

    Will give that a go when I get home, currently 'working'

    As for my ping, it was higher than usual, around 60-80 and then would go up as you said and then straight back down. Usually sits around 30-45 before all of this.

    The cable? Interesting, I'll try a different cable. Just a shame my wifi card doesn't come with an ethernet port.
  5. Best answer
    Yeah it's probably the WiFi dropping the connection. And it can be your WiFi card that is causing the connection loss (usually is).
    The reason why i ask you to disable the WiFi adapter in control panel is basically because Windows apparantly prioritizes WiFi over cable. So when you plug in a cable, it will still use the WiFi connection and not the Ethernet cable connection. You can set what you want to prioritize, but on many PC's it doesn't always work, so you'll have to do it through the registrationdatabase (regedit).
  6. Just switch to a wired connection and this will fix every thing. If you still face ping spikes or experience cs go lag, then download Kill Ping and play through it. It will bypass all the heavy traffic hubs and gives you a direct connection to game server.
  7. What if i have the same issues and my wifi card is brand new and all my drivers are up to date?
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