Memory locked at 1500mhz after using MSI's gaming app

Hello everyone. So the issue I'm having is occurring with my r9 390x (I've had 2 and it's occured on both cards.)

Anyways I really love the msi gaming app as it overclocks the card to 1100mhz/1525mhz (that's all I'm looking for right now). It has a lot of cool features. The error I'm getting is that when I open the app and select a mode (any mode) it overclocks the card like it's supposed to, but after I close the app, the memory remains locked at 1500mhz until I reboot the computer. This may seem like a minor issue, but it does cause a slight increase in temps and I don't want to have to reboot my computer everytime I'm done using it.

Any ideas?

System specs
I5 4670k
16gb ram
MSI r9 390x
Asrock z97 killer motherboard
rosewill 650 watt bronze
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  1. Can you reopen and set to defaults?
  2. Well not exactly. The default setting is gaming mode. So after I reopen and set it back to that, then close it again, the core clock goes back to idle speed but the memory remains locked at 1500mhz. Despite having just put it back to its default mode. I even tried silent mode. Same results.
  3. anybody?
  4. I'd guess a flaw in the app as it pertains to the mobo or the BIOS, for system settings the BIOS is the place to do it, these gaming apps and OC apps are rather generic and not written specifically for given mobos and BIOSs
  5. O okay. In my motherboards bios however there is not a place to do gpu overclocking?

    I really don't want to give up this app but if need be I can. Just has a lot of features that are useful.
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    You can use the app or there's other apps out their for GPU OCing, it really has nothing to do with the overall system it is a component based OC
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