Having trouble with Windows 10 booting after overclocking or setting proper RAM settings

ASUS Croshair IV Formula
Phenom II X6 1100t
8GB Muskin Enhanced Blackline 996657

I just got this mobo and CPU. Before that I had a Phenom II X4 965BE on a Crosshair III Formula with the same RAM, overclocked, no problems.

So now that I got the new setup and under Windows 10, I'm starting to overclock it. I've got it stable to 3.8GHz on all core ~55C full load on air. The RAM I have takes some specific settings to get it running properly. First, it has to be at 1.85v. At this voltage, it can go 6-6-6-18-1T @ 1333 or 7-7-7-20-1T @ 1600 which are its standard timings. Everytime I try to set it to the CAS6 1333 timings, Windows 10 boots, I log in but only two of my system tray icons show plus the Notifications icon. The speaker Icon does not show. I click on the Start flag and it changes color as if the Start Menu was opened but the menu never appears. I can get into Task Manager and it will show the Programs running but when I go to the details tab, nothing is listed. I tried CTRL-ALT-DEL and Sign Out but it will just sit there. I eventually have to hit the reset, and the only way to get back to a usable Win10 is to back out the RAM timings. I also tried to give a little more and less voltage to the CPU to hope to get 4.0GHz but the same thing can happen.

So it comes down to Windows 10 not liking my overclock, or in the case of my RAM, not liking the standard settings. There is no BSOD or freezes or memory related crashes, I can still use Windows to a point.

I'm thinking about going back to Windows 7, get the overclock going and, once stable, see how Windows 10 or even 8.1 acts.

Anyone else hitting this wall?
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  1. Its Windows 10. Set my memory for 6-6-6-18-1T @ 1333 and ran Windows 7 install. Ran through all the updates. No problems. Now I'll see if I can go higher on the overclock. If all this works and Windows 10 still won't run, guess I'll stick with 7 until it runs its course.
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