I'm not understanding why i have low fps on games when i have decient specs.

i have an issue with fps in some of my favorite games, like Arma III, GTAV, H1Z1. I've also noticed my PC getting a little hot when i play some games, and end up putting a miniture fan next to it to keep it cool, does that i mean i should replace my thermal paste?.. I always thought to upgrade my CPU but some people say its not an issue, then i ask others about my graphic card and i hear the same thing i'm just not sure what to do, i have a budget of about $200.00 what do you suppose i do? If i don't have to upgrade then AWSOME if you reccomend i do, i will.

Graphics Card-AMD Twin Frozer 7950

CPU- Intel i5-650 3.2GHz
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  1. What is your current case model and how many case fans do you have? What orientation, intake or exhaust, are each fan configured in? Do you have a top or bottom mounted power supply and if it's a bottom mounted unit is the intake vent on the PSU facing down or up?

    Are you using the stock CPU cooler? Sounds like you need to either add some additional case cooling or get a new case with enough fans and a new CPU cooler.

    Your CPU is rather old, but is still pretty decent. Decent enough anyhow. Your GPU card is ok too. You might need to drop a few settings but you should be able to get pretty high settings and frame rates on most titles.

    It would help if you listed your full system specs including case model, motherboard, number of fans, power supply and fan configuration.
  2. CPU and GPU are both mid-range decent. Without knowing the FPS you're getting, really can't speculate much farther.

    In any case, use a monitoring program to check temps, in case overheating is causing the CPU to downclock, which could explain your issue.
  3. "Arma III, GTAV"

    Well hello there. These are the two most CPU intensive games of all time, GTA V especially. You are 100% CPU bottlenecked, especially with that 1st gen i5. Your either need something newer, like and AMD 8300 overclock to 4.5 GHz or really an i5 or actually i7, either Haswell or Skylake.

    GTA V will eat any CPU for breakfast.

    Know the saying, "Can it run Crysis?". That's a running gag for GPUs. "Can it runs GTA V?" is the new tagline for CPUs.
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    The context of the post would indicate that he's played the games quite a bit, and perhaps didn't have this FPS issue previously. If that's the case and temps are a factor, it could easily be a cooling or paste issue. Knowing what's going on by seeing the HWinfo sensors readings while in game (Run "sensors only") would be extremely helpful.

    Run HWinfo and look at system voltages and other sensor readings.

    Monitoring temperatures, core speeds, voltages, clock ratios and other reported sensor data can often help to pick out an issue right off the bat. HWinfo is a good way to get that data and in my experience tends to be more accurate than some of the other utilities available. CPU-Z, GPU-Z and Core Temp all have their uses but HWinfo tends to have it all laid out in a more convenient fashion so you can usually see what one sensor is reporting while looking at another instead of having to flip through various tabs that have specific groupings.

    After installation, run the utility and when asked, choose "sensors only". The other window options have some use but in most cases everything you need will be located in the sensors window.*Download HWinfo
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