1 8 core prossesor or 8 1 core prosessors render farm

Hi, i do alot of work with 3D rendering in Cinema 4d and as the quality of my work went up so did my render times, alot. But instead of upgrading my pc as i also use it for other things and cant use it while rendering i thought i would look into building a render farm to take the load of my pc.

The thing is i was wondering would it be beter to use an 8 core CPU or 8 1 core CPU's?

Maby not 1 core but you get the picture.
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  1. Building 8 PCs will certainly be more expensive than a single very powerful PC. 8 PCs will also consume a lot more power (you probably don't care if you're not paying for it). How about building 2: one for gaming and rendering and one for rendering only.
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    build cost wise, and power consumption a single strong system or two or three strong systems will be better than 5+ single/dual core systems.

    Look into a lga 1366 server system with something like dual 6 core/12 thread cpus x5650, which in cinebench perform on par with an overclock 5820k. Plus the cpus themselves can go for less than $100 on ebay. Its just that finding a system to take dual cpus might be an issue. I got a old poweredge 2900 with dual X5450 quad cores, and in cinebench are on par with a i7 2600.
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