PSU Replacement/Hardware Issues?

Hi, I need some assistance.
I've had a Desktop for a good 9 Months now, and I've had no problems until recently.
My PC Specs are
AMD FX-6300
4 GB Ram
Windows 10 (Originally 7)
Gigabyte GA‑78LMT‑USB3

See, I have a Diablotek Diamond case with the Pre-Installed Power Supply,

(which I've heard was unreliable and possibly needed to be replaced but I just haven't had the concern to really replace it until now)

PC recently suddenly starts shutting down in the middle of operation, then today suddenly stopped midgame, then once i restarted got to Windows login
Shut down again
Then, it only made it to the Windows 10 screen next reboot,
then to the first boot screen,
and now does nothing except light up a red LED on the power button for a second

I have a feeling my Hardware wasn't fried, but I fear the Power Supply may have died.
I don't think it was a cooling issue either, as the PC is typically well cooled.
Just looking for validation on whether or not this might be the culprit, or if another issue may be of concern.
Any assistance and thoughts would be appreciated
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  1. I recommend changing your psu before it kills your other parts.
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  2. Pre-installed PSUs are the cheapest of the cheap. Replace it.
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  3. Yes and sometime bad supplys don't show their true badness for a while but in the end it could take out your whole system.
    You shoud choose a T1 or t2 supply for a replacement yes they tend to cost a little more to a lot more but the headaches they will save you are worth it.
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  4. I figured as much,
    I haven't turned it back on or attempted to, shut off and unplugged it so i don't end up bricking the whole system, but what size should I go for?
    I'm not particularly great with dimensions, so I'm not sure about it being a Micro ATX/Mid Tower ATX or anything like that.
    I was planning on waiting and upgrading the GPU and PSU around the same time but I'd rather it works then wait for it all to fizzle out or get any upgrades just for it to die on me.
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  5. Some thing like this would be great for a replacement.
    Its a tier 2 supply and should last as longt as your system does. Also has a 5 year warranty. i think they mak a 450watt version also.
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    The +5Vsb portion of the power supply may still work but obviously the main switch mode portion of the power supply that generates the +12V, +5V and +3.3V rails is dead.

    Borrow or buy a better quality power supply unit to troubleshoot with.
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