Game is stuttering with high fps

Hello, i have my current computer for 3 years now, and everything worked fine. However, couple of months ago i started to have strange problem. When i play games, my fps-meter shows 120 fps or higher, however game feels like it's on 25 fps or even lower. This problem makes some games almost unplayable and is getting extremely frustrating. Ping is normal, fps shows it's 120, but games are stuttering a lot. I have 60hz monitor, but having higher fps in certain games i play is really important, because of some game mechanics. And everything worked fine until 2-3 months ago. I have read some threads on forums but still didn't find solution. In AMD vision engine control center I tested different settings for vsync and triple buffering but nothing helps. I also cleaned dust from gpu and cpu recently so that shouldn't be problem. For example: games that i have problem are fear 2 and call of duty 4 multiplayer. Those should have fps 120 or higher. I do not have problem in Elite: Dangerous which is ok at 60 fps.
My specs: amd fx6100 six core, hd 6870, 8gb of ram, windows 7 ultimate.
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