SSD m.2 (PCIE vs SATA.) vs PCIE vs SATA

I recently bought a gaming PC(~2hours a day+ weekends) , which i will also use for working (arround 10 hours a week of homework):

Intel i56600K 3.5Ghz Box
Asus Z170 PRO GAMING (wich has an m.2 slot)
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
G.Skill Ripjaws V Red DDR4 2800 8GB (2x4)
Bundle Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer + CM G750M 80+ Bronce
Asus GeForce GTX970 OC Turbo 4GB GDDR5
+ dvd, wifi, etc.

And it seems the PC will arrive late, wich allows me to save just enough money (~150-200€) to get a SATA ssd to install OS, but i don't know if it's worth buying an m.2 ssd (SATA or PCIe), or a regular SATA SSD (cheaper).
So, my options are
1-Save that money and get a big m.2 ssd PCI on black friday (+the inconvinience of reinstalling OS).
2-Get now an SSD SATA 128-256 GB and forget about ssd for like 2-3years (Will m.2 SATA even be compatible with my MOBO)
3- Get a SATA SSD (not m.2) and then option 1.
4- Others

My main doubt is if I could actually notice any REAL difference (aside benchmarks and booting faster) betwen PCIe and SATA SSD.
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    You wouldn't see a difference, no. If you have used PCI-E based SSDs in the past then you'd see a difference going back to normal SSDs, but not a huge one. Standard SATA SSDs are fine for most people. If I were you I'd just get a good capacity/quality SATA SSD :)
  2. Like Mattios said. Also, check the M.2 benchmarks, when it comes to temperatures. Horrible numbers!!

    I also advise to stick with normal SSD with SATA connection. Difference is told to be from 6GB/s to 10GB/s, but that is theoretic, and i really don't believe the difference performance to be enough to pay the extra $$$$
  3. I can't speak to gaming, but it depends on the kind of workload - i'm running a samsung xp941 in an addionics expansion / adapter card - the xp941 is a first gen unit, read speed 1180 MB/s & write speed of 870 MB/s.

    Rendering video files, my time to render a file dropped to about 35-40% of the time to render that same file with a sata SSD, ie from 65-75 minutes down to 28-40 minutes. And that's using the xp941 to write the rendered file to a sata SSD (samsung 840 Evo). If i were writing to another PCIe SSD, my times would have dropped even further.

    Loading a "heavy" program like adobe photoshop used to take 35-40 seconds from a sata SSD - with the xp941 it takes 5-7 seconds

  4. You would probably be happy with a standard SSD. You would be able to upgrade later to an M.2 NVMe drive at a later date, and you'd probably be able to clone the SSD to M.2 then as well, so you should have no re-installation issues.
  5. Thank you to you three, yesterday I read so much numbers that i just couldnt get to a conclusion.
    I had read about temperature but I completely forgot to factor it. Definetly important, because even faster, it would end up throttling itself.
    I gues i will get a Samsung 850 not sure if the evo or the pro one :/ pbbly will go with the pro.
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