What's the absolute best right now?

Assuming price is not a factor at all, what's the absolute best graphics card setup I can get?

It'll be used for both work and gaming. I'm planning on setting up a water cooling loop on it, and I'd like to overclock.

I've been told to pick GTX over Quadro just because Quadro is crap for gaming. (any truth to this? if I'll be doing just as much work as I am gaming, is a Quadro still worth considering?)

So from that, it'd be between the GTX Titan X and Z. I've read that Titan X in this case would usually be preferred because 4 way Titan X beats a 2 way Titan Z just due to clock speed; but if I overclock, would it still be an issue?

And finally, what would the actual limits of this kind of setup be? I'd like to run 6 monitors, how many of those can be 4k?
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    Well the best card right now, for performance is the Nvidia Titan X for gaming and certain work. There are rumors of Nvidia pascal but that will be a little while.
    The reason for the quattro cards being ruled out, as you can get the same performance in gaming as you can with the GTX series but for thousands of dollars more for the quattros. Especially in high end.

    As for the best GPU setup, if money is no issue like you say the best is 3 way Titan X's with your water cooling loop, The Titan X's overclock Pretty good Under water. You should be able to pump that voltage and see what you get. The average you should see with an overvolt is around 1450mhz

    Although it is cheaper and the results are nearly the same with 3 GTX 980ti's (which is a slightly cutdown version of the Titan X for less).

    As for the Titan Z, the Titan Z is actually 2 cards in one. It's 2 Titan blacks (which was the previous titan king) on one PCB. So effectively 2 Titan Z's is 4 Titan blacks. I would go with the Titan X's, and I'm not sure if there is even a full water block made for the Titan Z with it's 2 cores. Also 3 Titan X's beat 4 Titan blacks.

    A guy on youtube that has a 3 way Titan X build.
    I can not find any reviews on 3 screen 4k with 3 titan X's. However I know that 1 4k screen will be maxed easily. My guess with 3 screens is that the Titan X's will lag a bit, possibly having to turn your settings down. No setup at the moment seems to be able to run new games on 3 4k screens. It is much too demanding.

    -good luck ;) Nice build
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