Integrated GPU died, replaced motherboard - what do I do now?

My mother has an HP p6604y computer and the integrated graphics card died. I replaced the motherboard with the new motherboard, which is exactly the same as the old one. The motherboard is an Alvorix RS880-uATX with part number 620887-001

I installed the new motherboard. When I turn on the computer, it displays information about the BIOS but it doesn't seem like the BIOS is posting. Eventually it just goes to a black screen. What do I have to do? I still have Windows 7 installed on the hard drive and I didn't change anything besides the motherboard.
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  1. If you can enter BIOS, see if the hard drive that holds Windows is set as the boot drive. Or...
    ...try tapping F8 when you get a display and see if you get the boot manager.
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