What is causing possible loss of power to my PC? Components are getting shut off one by one...etc

ASUS M5A97 Le R2.0
Coolmaster V650
AMD FX Vishera 8370
16GB (8x2) AMD R9
Radeon HD 6850

Not sure what the issue is. I custom built my PC back in January with some new parts I bought, was gifted, and the GPU I already had. Haven't had issues until May when I moved into an apartment. We know we overload the breaker as it was not wired correctly, so my apartment power goes out, the desktop shuts off and I need to reset bios time, etc as my CMOS battery is clearly not working. This happens every time I power off the PSU. At least that is what I thought.

My PC sometimes randomly goes off when the rest of the apartment did not. So this confuses me even more.

I'm not sure if the breaker possibly destroyed my PSU, motherboard, or what. Just yesterday, my USB rosewill headset's microphone was not working. To those on the other end of the convo, it sounded like interference; something metal was touching another metal part and creating a very loud noise.

Today, my headset completely shut off. I thought it was the USB port in the front of the PC, but no. I checked the 3.0 dongle I have plugged into the back. Then my pc surround system went out. I immediately turned off the pc for the fear of damage. Powered off PSU, unplugged, checked components, etc. Powered on. Jumped right to the "windows is loading" instead of giving me option to go into bios. The time and date is correct, which is very odd, as I powered down and unplugged everything. So maybe the CMOS battery isn't entirely bad...?

Just now as I am typing this. My motherboard just registered -198.4 F temperature...It ranges 95-100.4F. CPU ranges 65F-90F.

I've been monitoring voltages for the last two weeks and it seems consistent. My PC is NOT overclocked, as I want to fix whatever the issue is. Vcore now is 0.708, sometimes it is at 1.308 but not recently. 3.3V = 3.216 or 2.340. 5V = 4.928. 12V = 12.046.

I know this is a lot of information. I really think my motherboard is jacked up. I did not buy it, but a friend bought it new. I have someone helping me with this in the next few days, but I am hoping for different opinions/advice.
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  1. Replace the battery in the mb .

    Reset the BIOS to optimized defaults
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    I would replace the cmos battery then get an ups to help you with your power issues, Call your land lord and get your power fixed or call an electrician.
    It sounds like your getting a brown out on the circuit your pc is plugged into this in turn with the cmos battery being bad may be what is making your system forget what your bios settings are which could be why its losing sub systems its losing the settings.
  3. Hey guys, I have returned. I just replaced the cmos battery today and I will update with how it goes. I didn't know it could forget ' sub systems' while the pc is still on and running. As for the landlord, I feel like it'll be more hassle to have them fix it when we are only staying for 8 more months. I feel like somehow they are going to say it's our fault.
  4. (Update) Yesterday my PC would not turn on. Pressed the power button, and nothing happened. Peeked inside, and the motherboard light was green. I switched off and on the PSU and the PC turned on just fine. Not a horrible problem for me right now, but it is something I noticed.
  5. Oops, I could've sworn I replied back to this thread. Good thing I have email notifications.

    Anyway, I replaced the CMOS battery awhile back, and everything has been fine for the most part. However, I did notice last month my time was off by half an hour (really screwed my day over as I was practically late for univ.) and then little increments. It is fine now. Just last week I moved my PC to a new outlet and we had our whole building's power go out. PC booted back on normally, no time errors. I haven't had any components turn off either. The landlord is "Certain" our electricity is fine (which we know it isn't because light's don't turn on in some areas).

    So, long story short. I believe switching the CMOS battery fixed everything, possibly with switching the outlet the PC is plugged into.
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