Am I at risk of blowing out my Mobo's VRM?

I've got a Gigabyte 78lmt-USB3 motherboard. It is based on an old jank amd 760G chipset. I have an AMD FX 6300 CPU installed with a very minor OC to 4.0 GHZ with 1.36 volts on the vcore. I know this board is not made for overclocking, or even the am3+ cpu's for that matter. Would this overclock strain the power delivery and decrease the lifespan of my motherboard? BTW Gigabyte claims it supports cpu's up to 125w. It also has a pretty beefy vrm heatsink. Is my Mobo in danger? thanks
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  1. Can you tell me which revision your board is?
  2. revision 6.0
  3. Yeah your VRM is fine :) If it gets really hot, like hot enough to burn you, then drop the OC but it shouldn't come to that
  4. What would you say is my max safe voltage with this board?
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    Hard to say without knowing the rest of your setup, but you should be fine up to 1.4 or even 1.425 if you can keep your CPU cool enough
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