Installed new Ram. enabled XMP. BSOD Pysical memory crash dump

I bought some new RAM for my sons computer. Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1886MHz 8GB (2x 4GB).

It worked fine but the speed was at 667MHz(1333MHz). So I went into BIOS and changed the memory XMP settings from disabled to profile 1(the only other option)to make use of the full 1886MHz, I saved and exited BIOS.

The Problem is it boots up to loading windows and just before it completes it gets a BSOD physical memory dump.

I tried to revert XMP back to disabled but still got a BSOD. I tried system repair but it fails to repair. I tried to start in all safe mode options but get a BSOD even on them.

The two RAM sticks voltages, latency etc are the same so no wrong numbers between the two. I tried to use default optimized settings as well, no luck. I also tried putting in his previous RAM and same results to see if new RAM became damaged.

PC specs
-Gigabyte Z77-D3H Mobo
-i5 3470 3.2 GHz
-GTX 670 FTW 2GB
-Corsair VS650w PSU
-8GB(x2 4GB) corsair Vengeance 1886MHz
-120GB Samsung SSD
-1TB barracuda 7200rpm HDD

Any ideas on what the crap is going on? Haha.

EDIT: These are the BSOD codes from two separate BSODs.

0x00000074 (0x0000000000000002 , 0xfffff88005d259e0 , 0x0000000000000002 , 0xffffffffc000009a)

atryx,sys - address FFFFF8800580DC2B at FFFFF8800580DC2B

0x0000007E (0xffffffffc0000005 , 0xfffff8800580dc2b , 0xfffff880033d4648, 0xfffff880033d3ea0)
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  1. Your CPU/MC prob can't handle 1866, might try manually to 1600
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