Unusual Random PC Shutdown's Cause??

My PC started shutting down randomly and I don't know whats causing it.. it doesn't happen too frequently but will happen when I least expected it (while surfing the web, etc) .. I can use for hours without having a single shut down, but sometimes the whole thing just lose power and turn off immediately. Only once it restarts itself while other times I have to press the Power Switch to turn it back on. It has happened about 4-5 times in the last month or so.

Things I have tried:
Memory : Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Drives : Windows Error Checking Tool
OS : sfc /scannow in cmd

All of these tests said that there are no errors whatsoever in those respective components.. Could it be my PSU? I have the CM V850W , my mobo is Maximus Hero VII .. I think its very unlikely though .. is it a Windows 10 bug? I searched countless forums/threads but none of them have the same problem as mine..
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  1. use this on sensor page and check voltages and temp
  2. i have already downloaded it.. how do i check for irregularities?
  3. check sensor page and post result back .
  4. those cpu temp are on idle or load and did you overclock and still use the oem cooler also what are the voltages readins from the same page .
  5. idle .. no i did not overclock it at all.. i use Nepton 240M cpu cooler .. the only voltages readings not in the screenshot is for my msi gtx 970 and it is at 0.843V
  6. this 1.85 vcore that the cpu voltage see if you could reduce it in bios .
  7. the VCORE shown in my bios is at 1.056 - 1.072(set to auto) .. i hav no idea why HWMonitor is showing 1.84-1.87
  8. CPU-Z showed my Core Voltage at 1.237V
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    then it is a reading error for hwinfo the thing i would try is to repaste cpu using mx2 or mx 4 since they do not need cure time and recheck temp also give a look at the fan how is speed up on load .
  10. i see.. so the cause of my pc shutting down at random is because of the CPU temp?
  11. it could be where did you plug the pump and the fan on the motherboard for the seidom .
  12. on top .. upper part of the case.. theres good airflow though with 4 case fans.. i have a fried usb port(can see the burnt part on the wiring but its not on the motherboard).. do u think that could be the cause of the voltage fluctuations?
  13. it is from the case could you post a picture of it .
  14. thats going to be difficult as i dont have the proper tools for it :( plugged in devices receive power though but it wont work .. so current is still being supplied to it.. should i just cut off the wires?
  15. no on usb power is from the 2 external pins and data from the 2 middle one if you could get a picture of it and where the burn appear that would be great .
  16. check if you could get another molex connector to replace this one you could contact the case maker and send them a picture of it , the other thing make shure all the pins are in and do not touch each other that could the cause of the short .
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