i5 4460 with H97 motherboard vs i5 4690k with Z97 (Value/longevity)

Value-wise, with longevity taken into account, would I be better off purchasing an i5 4460 with a H87/H97 motherboard then upgrade when necessary, or an i5 4690k with a Z97 motherboard then overclock it and upgrade when necessary?
The graphics card I'll be using is a Gigabyte GTX 970.
I want to run current games on as high of settings as possible, so I don't want to sacrifice much power.
Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Has nothing to do with longevity
    You can shave a few bucks with the locked i5+h97
    If you're that worried about power, wait until Skylake is completely released and then build.
  2. Just see this:

    I5 4460 + H97 = Perfect performance/price.
    I5 4790K + Z97 = OC in future to avoid bottleneck and more performance with OC.
  3. Best answer
    I see a couple of ways to go.
    1. 4460/H97
    A I5-4460 is a quad that runs at 3.2. It is not overclockable.
    With a H97 motherboard, you would be able to replace the i5-4460($190) with a i5-4690K($240) which runs at 3.4, not a big improvement.
    You could upgrade to a I7-4790K$340) which runs at 4.0/4.4. That is sufficient for any game.
    2. 4460 Z97
    This gives you the upgrade option of a 4690k which can be overclocked to the 4.0/4.5 range, depending on your luck in gatting a good chip.
    For the minor difference in cost, this is a better deal.
    3. I5-6600K and Z170 motherboard. Available now.
    I like this better 6600K($250) runs at 3.5 stock and can be overclocked.
    It is some 10% faster per clock.
    Z170 motherboards are very competitively priced, and look to be able to run future faster ssd offerings.
    DDR4 ram has come down in price, and is only a bit more expensive.

    Whenever you upgrade, you are faced with the disposal of the old parts.
    I think it is sounder strategy to buy what you need up front and avoid upgrades that replace parts as long as possible.
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