Accessing a Disconneced HD after installing SSD

I am about to reinstall Win8.1 onto a newly installed mSATA HDD, as a fresh install. I am disconnecting the cable to my HD to force the computer to recognize the SSD upon startup,with the Win 8.1 install disc in the DVD drive.
Can I later reconnect the original HD cable, and then have a choice of booting from either drive? Will my computer "recognize" both the original HD and the newly installed (and formatted) mSATA HDD?
Thanks in advance.
My system is a Dell XPS8700, which came with WIN 7 Pro installed, and included a Win 8.1 DVD. I was concerned about a conflict with having both Win7 and Win8.1 on the same computer.
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  1. Unless you set up the PC for dual booting, it will always boot off the drive you set in BIOS as the first drive to boot from.
  2. Thank you very much for the information! I need to find out how to set up my computer for dual booting.
    Is this done via the startup Bios setup?
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    It's a bit too involved to elaborate here. Simply do a search for "how to dual boot Win 8 and Win 7". I did it years ago with Win 7 and XP. It was a pain to revert back to a single OS (no dual boot).
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