I'm having trouble with my first PC build, the case fans will not work. Help please ?

So I'm building my first PC and it works but there are a few problems one of them being that 3 of the case fans don't work. I've consulted the case manual and motherboard manual multiple times but both aren't very clear at all. It seems that my power supply didn't come with the cable needed to power the fans. Anyway you guys could help me out ? Here is my parts list. I am busing with a thermaltake level 10 GT snow edition I forgot to mention one of the case fans are working which is the rear exhaust however the remaining three all seem to be wired into one female molex connector
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    There is 2 4xpin molex cables providing 6 molex plugs that should have come with your PSU.

    You should have enough to power 50 fans with that PSU.
  2. Why don't you plug your case fans into the three chassis fan headers on your mobo instead?
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