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I have a high-end gaming PC on which I do all my gaming, video editing and rendering on and would like a laptop for when I'm out an about. I'm not sure weather to go for the power and gaming capabilities of a gaming laptop or the sleekness and the lightness of the macbook. I may also use this laptop for video editing when I'm abroad but nothing more demanding game wise past League of legends. What do you guys think I should get and why and give me some pros and cons to both.

Thank you in advance.
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    I'd go for sleek and light by your description.
    If any of the out and about it with public transport, planes or with lots of walking that's what I'd go for.
    If it's in the trunk of your car the entire time until you lug it to a hotel room somewhere I'd go for function.
    If you want to use it on the go and you're on intercontinental flights: Get something with an interchangeable battery. Fuck battery life, just have 3 of the things.
    If you want to use it on the go and you're on national flights: battery life.
    In neither of the use-on-the-go cases can I recommend the macbook pro.

    I don't have a mac, nor do I edit videos but it's the thing apples were always good at, so I assume that still holds. And the latest macbook pro will be able to run league just fine.

    Perhaps someone with more experience in video editing can recommend a non-apple laptop with the same performance against a lower price, another stereotype I know about apples (I really have no first hand experience with them whatsoever), which you may want to look at for sharing the same work, licenses and network . . . if compatibility issues are still a thing.
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