Looking to upgrade from Phenom II x6. Components have been upgraded, now for the base system

I'm running a 4+ year old build as my base using an MSI 870-G45 mobo, Phenom IIx6 1065 overclocked to 4.2 ghz (don't even ask me how it is stable, let's just say I won the silicon lottery) and cooled by a Hyper 212 Evo cooler and 16gb RAM.

My storage setup is 4x Seagate Barracuda 5tb 7200 RPM and 3x Segate Barracuda 3tb 7200 RPM drives with both a 2tb and a 1 tb drive in an external docking station now. For the boot and program drives I am running 2x 480gb Intel 730 SSDs which I was planning to go RAID 0 with. The optical drive is an LG bluray burner.

I have a PCIE Sound Blaster XFI Extreme for audio, a PCI SATA RAID card, and my video card is a Gigabyte Radeon R9 390 with 8gb GDDR5 on it. It is in a completely clear case (I want to keep this because it is kinda awesome). I am feeding the beast with a Corsair CX750M power supply. I'd like to stick a 400gb Intel 750 PCIE SSD in there as an awesome scratch disk and the place to move Photoshop and such to.

I do wish the MOBO would handle more RAM, but MSI says 16gb is the max. You can probably tell I've done a few upgrades over time. Now, the big question is, upgrades. Where should I go? I know that whatever direction I go I will need to go with a new motherboard, processor, and likely RAM. My budget would be... say no more than a thousand. Thanks!

Edit: I mainly do video and picture editing, some autocad, and run a 1080p monitor, a 4k monitor, and am hooked to my 4ktv too. My images are always in RAW+Jpg, so looking at around 70mb per picture. I can fill up a pair of 64gb cards easily in a day. I can do worse when doing astrophotography and stacking. That's why I have so much HDD space. Ohh, and it makes me happy that Amazon lets me have unlimited cloud space for 60 per year and my internet connection is uncapped.
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  1. If you have a budget of 1000 then you got plenty of money.

    It all depends if you plan on stick with AMD or Intel. That is where the roads split. You can go AMD which is cheaper, but not as good, or go with some brand new Intel that will be out soon and go with a 6th Gen i5/i7 and DDR4 or get a 4th Gen with DDR3. For you Intel may be the way to go. Depends if you want to wait a bit longer or need it now.
  2. I can wait some, but it would be really nice to speed up my image stacking when I do astrophotography. It takes a while to stack 200+ RAW subs at times, so I normally set it and go to bed. I also want to stay within my 750 watt PSU if I can since I just got it not too long ago, so I suppose that means Intel. I was looking at the 6 core i7 and a few 8 core AMD processors. I like AMD, and my last 3 builds have been AMD, but I can go with either as long as I keep myself in budget. I may be able to boost that by a couple hundred more.

    Also, would an M2 drive be better than the Intel 750? Or, should I simply stick to my SSDs that I have. Also, SATA3 and USB3 would be nice to have, but I already know those are a given on a new build. Also, is DDR4 worth it? Looks like the prices seem fairly reasonable.
  3. I have an AMD FX-8320 OC'ed to 4.5 GHZ and honestly i love it. I don't have an i7 to compare it to but i hear it is more of an i5 though comparison though. Just if you get the 8000 Series FX get a 240mm Water cooler. I have the Corsair H100i on mine. Keeps it cool most of the time depending on what setting i have it on. If i set it to performance it can keep the CPU around 40 ish but fans are loud as hell. if i set it to quite it gets to about 65-70ish.

    And it really depends. The big benifit of DDR4 right now i would say is 16GB sticks for those who need LOTs of ram. Went from 4GB to 8GB to 32 GB and now 64GB max (on 4 slot boards going from DDR to DDR4)

    An M2 drive would be faster and there are no AMD boards with M2 drives or SATA Express (Which doesn't matter since there are no SATA Express Drives out right now) Also if you need more speed VS actual storage space for the scrach drive, making a RAM Disk would be better. Again depends on price.

    And you can most likely keep your PSU and everything else. All you got to look at is motherboard, CPU, Ram. if you stick with DDR3 you could use your existing ram and some depending on how big the sticks are.

    Also the 6 Core i7's are monsters. They are waaaay better than an 8 core AMD. You could also look into Xeon's which might be cheaper but can't OC them.
  4. This does give me some stuff to think about. I do want more RAM, because in some cases I have ran out. Mainly stacking.
  5. Yea ANY AMD board i think has 4 slots max of DDR3 giving you 32GB max, unless you went with like an opteron build on a server board.

    Sounds like for you waiting for Skylake to come out or going with a X99 board will be better for you. going X99 should still keep you in your budget for now. Get a good motherboard, CPU, and Ram for 1000.
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