Does CPU overclock affect Ram speed?

My cpu is at 4.5 GHz at 1.250 V. Ran is at 1.5V
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  1. it depends, back in core2duo days yes (it is linked by default i think).
    now.. i think no
  2. Directly no, indirectly yes. The OC depending on how high can limit the data rate you can run, or how much DRAM you can run and vice versa. i.e. With 32GB of DRAM at 2800 I am somewhat stuck at a OC of 4.8 (at a voltage I'm comfortable with, However by dropping to 16GB or a lower data rate like 2400 I can kick up to 4.9 or even 5.

    It can play in even more on AMD rigs where the amount and data rate can limit the OC
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