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so today my computer came in and it has a amd fx-series 4300 with a 3.8 ghz proccessor speed, it has a stock cooler and when im surfing the web i get around 20-25 celsius and was wondering if this is good? the rpm on the fan is about 4500. i havent gotten temps from gaming yet, will report back in when i do.

i have a raidmax gaming chassis full tower with 2 fans pulling in air from front and 2 on top pulling air out with 1 on the back of the tower pulling air out also and 1 on the side panel window pulling air in, all fans are 120mm running at 2500 rpm if this helps.

i have worked on computers before but its been some years, just recently upgraded from windows vista and an amd anthlon dual core 2.6 ghz proccessor and realized how far the world has moved on. im also not used to using a stock cooler due to me buying a watercooler for the anthlon proccessor.

thank you for reading and whatever answer may come i will accept with full gratitude.
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  1. Those are great temps!!! Your room must be cold though!
  2. Ryarwood99 said:
    Those are great temps!!! Your room must be cold though!

    well i suppose it is pretty cold in here, i have a swamp cooler running to so i suppose i didnt add environment temps lol.
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