worrying my temps under load amd r9 390

hello so im worrying about my temps when gaming. example with cod4 1080P all high and 2xAA it gets 72C and stays there. and in bf3 on ultra 1080P it hover to 72-75 are these temps okay with my GPU? with non GPU demanding games it stays at 60C or even 55C. my case is cooler master silencio 550 and my CPU is fx 8370 with aftermarket CPU cooler. i have not OC anything im running only msi afterburner for fan speeds. should i add custom fan curve to afterburner? i have purchased fans to get rid of the stock fans.

Sorry for bad English :D
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  1. yes the gpu temps are fine. The MSI afterburner is only for the gpu.
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    The R9 390 is basically the same as the R9 290. By default the R9 290/390 are designed to run up to 94C and then the fan speed will increase to maintain 94C. The fans are limited to 47% by the default driver (for noise reasons), and after the GPU reaches 94C and 47% fan speed, then the GPU clock rate will lower to maintain that 94C temperature. I set my fans to go up to 100% and the temperature to 94C, so my two R9 290's in crossfire always run at 94C and 100% clock speed (when needed). They never slow down during a very taxing game, and the fan speed just goes to what ever speed it needs to maintain 94C.

    If your cooling is good enough to keep it below 94C at full load and full clock rate, and the fans aren't too loud, then that is even better.
  3. Well the highest what i ever had it was 77 so i think im good with those temps. Usually i get 50c on non gpu demanding games and 60-72 on gpu demanding games. But should i cap my fps for better cooling? I mean like to 120fps is enough yes? I know more fps is better but it stress more cpu/gpu?
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