GB z97x gaming3 vs Asrock z97x killer vs Asus z97 Pro Gamer vs Asrock z97 extreme 4

I was looking to buy a motherboard for a system with a xeon 1231v3 and a r9 290 (later I'll add another one in crossfire). I've narrowed it out to these 4(pretty similar prices with the GB being slightly cheaper). I know I won't be able to clock the xeon - I am getting a z97 and not a h97 just for the x8 crossfire. From what I've read on newegg, each of these has had some issues so I am not too sure about the choice, and in a certain review I read that the GB has a higher power consumption due to some firmware update.
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    I'd go the Asus Pro Gamer myself
  2. I was thinking about that too until I read that it generally has issues with some M.2 drives, but honestly I seem to find people have had issues with each of these boards.
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