DDR4 ram voltage for Skylake 6700k cpu?

Hi, im making Skylake build, i noticed that most DDR4 ram runs at voltage of 1.2V, the one i want is 1.35V (16GB G.Skill RipJaws 4 blau DDR4-3000 DIMM CL15 Dual Kit), i don't want to go over the default Skylake 6700k ram voltage, is 1.2v the defualt or is 1.35v the defualt?

Haswell had a default of 1.5V

The motherboard is Gigabyte Z170M D3H
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  1. 1.2V is the default for DDR4, 1.5V is default for DDR3. There's also DDR3L which has a default voltage of 1.35V. Skylake supports both DDR3L and DDR4 memory, but you propably won't see that many motherboards with sockets for DDR3L. So you should be safe running the DDR4 at 1.35V aswell, it will just draw a bit more power.
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