Graphics card doesn't fit? help please

I have recently bought a graphics card but the heat sink is massive and it doesn't fit in my case as it collides with my hard drives bracket. what i would love to know is if there is a way to decide what graphics card will fit in my computer.
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    Before purchasing you'll need to check the dimension of the card and compare it to the dimension of the case. Search for your case type and find the "supported VGA size". If that size is more than the GPUs dimensions then it's compatible...
  2. that is also a problem because i bought a lenovo computer and have no idea if the pre-built computer will have its own independent case name
  3. You could just open the case and measure it yourself..
  4. I still dont understand isnt vga only a type of connector from the computer to the tv?
  5. yes, but it also means Video Graphics Adaptor - the card itself, which originally only had 15 pin D-SUB connectors which have become known as VGA connectors.
  6. thanks guys for you're answers but i have decided to buy a new mother board and case to give me more room for upgrades thanks again tho everyone.
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