Issue with consistent PC crashing, not sure which component is causing it...

So the PC build as it stands is...

Thermaltake 600w psu
Core i5 3330 cpu
AMD 8600 gpu
Kingston HyperX 8gb (4x2) ddr3
MSI z77a g45a mobo
and a Seagate 1TB drive

It was brought to me because it was crashing under light load. It would shoot up to 100% CPU usage with something like chrome open while playing a video from the hard drive and would crash completely, no BSOD, just shut down to black with a complete power down. The person to whom this belonged believed it was either the hard drive or the PSU causing the crashes...

First and foremost I re-installed windows clean, and this did not fix the issue. I used a different power supply that I knew worked and got identical crashes so I wrote off a power supply issue. I tried the hard drive in a different PC and it worked fine and there with no data loss or noises. I tried replacing the graphics card with an old but working gtx 460. When I did this, the PC would boot but would not recognize the hard drive and start windows. It did this with both power supplies (the other was an Ultra 600w) and the issue was identical. When the 8600 was put back in, it saw the hard drive and booted properly. I also stress-tested the graphics card using furmark and it did not crash. I figured that the issue had to be either the RAM, mobo, or cpu. I stress-tested the CPU and it did not crash at 100% load.

At this point, I ran memtest86 off of a USB and had consistent crashes. I tried it with every combination of the two 4gb sticks in the slots and each individual. All of the crashes powered the pc down before the 25% pass with no errors showing.

In the windows log, the only errors I could see (that were critical) where the typical unexpected shutdown ones.

Sadly, I don't have spare DDR3 RAM, or an appropriate CPU or mobo to test with...

My question is whether it is possible that both RAM sticks are faulty, and if not, how can I determine whether its the CPU or the mobo that is faulty? Unless I'm mistaken and something else is causing the issues.

Sorry for the wall of text and thank you for taking the time to read it.
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  1. Disable hardware acceleration in chrome it can cause it or windows to crash. Or use a better browser
  2. Paul NZ said:
    Disable hardware acceleration in chrome it can cause it or windows to crash. Or use a better browser

    Well, I just used chrome as an example. It also crashed when installing different programs, opening large files, etc.
  3. It its crashes with memtest and before it finishes you need to replace the ram then
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