Graphics card doesn't fit with wifi adapter

I had integrated graphics for my cpu, but I recently got a graphics card. It doesn't fit in my build with my wifi adapter. I tried a dongle, but it doesn't really work. How can I get working Internet with the graphics card!
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  1. Do you mind giving a picture IF possible? If not one suggestions I would recommend would be
    you basically plug one end to an outlet close to your router/modem, connect a wire from the router/modem to the ethernet outlet. Then go to wherever your ccomputer is and plug it near there, then just connect another wire to your pc.
    This will not give you the fastest speed. Speed wise and reliability goes as, wireless/outlet ethernet/ wire.
    If you are unable to give me a picture do you mind telling me what motherboard you are currently using?
    Also, what do you mean it doesn't really work?
  2. I would agree with the powerline option as a first choice. If you have to have wireless you can used a external client-bridge. These devices are basically wireless nic cards attached to your machine via ethernet. They are sold under many names repeater/extender. The key feature to find is client-bridge and the ability to disable the wireless repeater function if it has it.

    You should be able to get good performance with USB dongles but key here is to put it on a USB extension cable to get it away from the machine and be sure it is not one of the extremely tiny low power devices. Size and external antenna do help but since many dongles are designed to be portable there is a trade off of performance for size. You want to avoid ones that claim to be green or low battery consumption since these are not as much a concern on a desktop.

    I am assuming your problem is the cards do not physically fit.
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