Looking for bios driver for m2n86-la motherboard

hi guys
i need to update the bios on my m2n86-la motherboard, but i can't find a good source, just junk websites.
can anybody post a link to this allusive bios driver?
thanks in advance.
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    That board model was custom-made exclusively for HP and variants made for Acer.

    If it's inside an HP/Compaq machine, get BIOS updates from their website, using PC model number, not motherboard model number.

    If it's not inside an HP/Compaq machine, you're gonna have a tough time finding BIOS updates for it.
  2. It looks like there are nine different m2n86-la models. It is an OEM model with names such as:

    You need to know what HP or other OEM product it came from.
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