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so I'm about to undertake my own custom watercooling loop and need advice what radiator or radiators to get my case is a corsair 780T my processor a i7 5820k a xspc raystorm full copper water block and an xspc dual bay d5 pump and reservoir combo any advice
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  1. What fans did you plan on using, as some radiators are low FPI whereas others are high FPI. Certain fans work more efficiently with one type vs. the other.
  2. only wc the i7 or will u add a gpu?
  3. I have the same case, nice thing about it is you can do push/pull fan set for radiator and keep the top pulling fans hidden with already pre set screw holes.

    As far as radiator I would go with Phobya G-Changer 280mm Radiator Version 2 - Full Copper - Black
  4. 1) FrozenCPU has been out of business for several months. There are rumors they are back online, but be careful, this is not 100% confirmed.

    2) Choice of radiator and components should be based on what is being cooled. You simply cannot just buy a radiator and continue to add heat to the loop and expect '1 radiator' to perform the same with 1 component as it would with 2.
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    Yes, I agree, but linking to a site that may or may not be good to order from isn't good practice.

    Also, it still doesn't account for the fact that we have yet to know what is planning on being cooled. That radiator may not be adequate on its own, depending on loop components. You can't just buy a radiator and assume it just will handle whatever load is included and expect good cooling results.

    You have to plan your loop accordingly.
  6. Yeah, seem like getting dual radiator setup is becoming more and more popular.
  7. You can accomplish the same thing with a single, larger radiator as long as you account for the total loop TDP.
  8. You know everyday i see people post stuff on here about watercooling asking very simple questions that have been answered everyday...
    Most of these questions can be answered via google and can be found within 5 mins
    Plus you might gain some extra knowledge researching it yourself instead of having someone else do it for you..
    Google my friend.. Google...
  9. There is an entire watercooling sticky that I wrote and maintain in order to answer a lot of these questions since they are so often brought up...

    But no one reads the stickies...they just post.
  10. yeah its getting pretty crowded with all of these WCing Qs.. makes me nervous people even want to WC without any knowledge..
    i remember reading that sticky like 10 times before i started watercooling a few years ago :)) lol
  11. I don't claim to know everything or be an expert...I'm passing along knowledge that I have and consolidating data in one location for others to use and learn from.

    I'm about to start doing watercooling lab/bench testing soon when my science/testing gear starts to arrive.
  12. yes but when you're a noob reading that can be extremely helpful... you are quite knowledgeable
  13. Thank you.
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