Laptop screen black after crash and sleep mode

First of all I'm using a Sony Vaio model pcg-61611L. I've had it for several years.

I've been having two main issues with it for a year or two concerning power:

- When I unplug the laptop, sometimes it freezes. When this happens I always end up rebooting.

- Also when I close the lid for hibernation mode, sometimes it doesn't hibernate. The screen will turn off as it should but the power button stays green. Once again I have to end up rebooting.

- laptop battery not charging to 100%. Maybe up to 94%.

Last night I had two crash memory dumps that happened. After the last crash, the pc automatically rebooted and I used it as normal. Thing is, I fell asleep with the laptop on. When this happens the pc will go into sleep mode after being idle. When I woke up I assumed that the pc was sleep until I saw the power button was green. I tried to wake the pc up but to no avail. So I tried rebooting. Once again the green power light came on and I heard the CD drive load but hardly could hear the fan and the screen was still not on.

I've followed instructions to remove the battery and press the power button for a minute. That hasn't worked. Now when I turn the laptop on while plugged in to the power cord, the power light only stays on for about a minute then it shuts off. The screen is still black as well. I don't know what else to do! Please help!
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