Win 10 Run time Broker high CPU usage

Apparently i can disable it from process's because its causing my PC to idle at 40-60% temps going to mid 40's i close its end its process and temps and cpu usage drops to normal. but what is it exactly? why is it taking this much CPU usage? is it ok to disable it?

Also how do i get Rid of Onedrive? like uninstall it completely..!!

oh one mroe thing...Win 10 keep using internet explorer even tho i start chrome and set it as default it always open internet explorer when an application required internet browser..?
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  1. No idea what the broker is. I won't be going to Win 10 for a long while. Too many unresolved bugs in it at this point for me. I like stable systems.

    I'm certain by now that you have heard of the cloud. Onedrive is the Microsoft cloud. They are slowly but surely integrating it into everything. So while I do not use it either, its kind of just going to be there. You can always delete the icon on the desktop, but sooner or later, you will probably have to use it for something. I have have not been forced to yet.

    IE is in Win 10? I thought they were dumping IE for that new browser they decided to call the Edge.
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