After upgrading from 8.1 to windows 10, I can't install my GPU driver...Pls help

I did upgrade my HP 250 G3 series Laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. But after remains unable to install intel graphics laptop processor is Intel core i3 4005U 1.70 GHz ......which may support the intel 4400 chipset.....but dxdiag shows that my GPU driver is Microsoft default driver.......I also downloaded the driver manually from but it said that my PC config is lower than it's did run 8.1 64 bit pretty good.......but now when I play shutters.....sorry for this long messege........but can you help me out by telling the right GPU driver for my laptop
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    As it's Windows 10, a compatible graphics driver should be delivered to you via automatic updates.

    This marks a step change by Microsoft who previously left the hardware manufacturer's responsible for supplying compatible drivers. Now Microsoft will play a much greater role in delivering drivers and driver updates via automatic updates. So make sure you don't disable them as many users were prone to do in previous Windows versions.
  2. apparently you have to do it through windows update, the link you are using is for windows 8, so it wont work.
  3. Wait the companies are working hard to deliver the drivers. They must be making one for u. Chat with the companies Customer Care he will guide u what and how to do?
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