Please help me to build Budget render farm

hi friends
I need to build low budget render farm for rendering vray in 3dsmax
I already owned i7 system and looking to build render slave on following configuration

Processor: AMD FX 8350 4.0GHZ
Motherboard : Gigabyte Ga-78LMT-usb3
PSU:Coolmax zx-700 700w ATX12V

Is this machine able to Sevres as render farm?
AMD is good for 3d Rendering?
Any other AMD CPU better than this?(AMD is my choice for budget)
Can i buy 2 machine in this configuration can work more than Intel i7 3970k extreme edition(6-core) machine?
My Budget is $1000(I've cabinet and hard disk etc)
Please Help am on big confusion?
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  1. Will two 8350's beat a 3970k? Yeah probably. I mean. But by much? Most likely not.

    You need to change your power supply Any PSU from Antec, Seasonic, or XFX will suffice. Will you need a GPU for your render farm?

    Two of these would be a lot better:

    If you need GPU(s), then you will need a different PSU than the one I selected.
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