Sudden issue - can't use 2048mb of memory using a mem switch command for game

Good day,
I am an avid Microsoft Trainsim user (probably not too popular here, I'd suspect), and because of the old/flawed design, it is more CPU intensive, than GPU. Because of this, I have used a mem switch command in the properties of the .exe for the sim, "-mem:2048", to force it to allocate this value. ( I have 4gig ddr installed, on an older AMD Phenom II/ASUS mobo/Win7 Ultimate machine)
Suddenly, the game will not accept the 2048 value, nor a 1024, value - but it will accept 512.
My memory is defragged/cache-cleared automatically prior to the game starting, based on an autostart app I use that shuts down Windows bloat first, before executing the game program.
Looking at task manager, there is the expected norm of available/cached/ total memory displayed.
I have run the MS/Windows memory checker, and it reports back no errors, so I am not yet convinced it's a module or mobo issue, but.....
Would like to hear from the more knowledgeable: opinions, suggestions, solutions, and I extend a hearty thank you up front.


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    Check on what settings the game is running, is it running on the 32bit client of 64bit client.
  2. Thank you for your reply,
    The game was released in 2001, and there is no setting to choose between 32 & 64 bit, though it has been running on my 64bit system for years.

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