Good 1080p Gaming PC Build?

Is it good for 1080p maxed out settings 45+ FPS on games like Witcher 3, BF4, and GTA V. How could I make it cheaper? Maximum budget is $1300, and that build is $1279 after rebates, shipping, and discounts. Purchase date is in 2-4 months.
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  1. That build is rock solid. The only way to make it significantly cheaper without compromising ingame fps. Would be to go with a FX 6 or 8 core CPU instead of the I5. Sure it wont render as fast in productivity programs, but in gaming there will be little to no difference.
  2. Not a bad build, but you can do better. If you're willing to drop the disc drive (it's useless imo), and fans That case comes with 2 fans already, so extra fans might not be super important. GTX 980 over the 970 any day. It'd be in budget if you drop the SSD or HDD.

    Of course, in 2-4 months Skylake will be out. You might want to reconsider the build when it's out.
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    the cooler that comes with the cpu is good enough to keep the cpu cool. I would suggest going with blu-ray writer instead of just a dvd. Do NOT go with the inferior amd cpus. Even the slowest I5 is far faster then the fastest amd. The 970 is very nice. Even a ATI 260x will perform well. look at the benchmarks for proof. The ssd is really nice to have, loading times are really quick. Once you go ssd, you will not go back.
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