Help me remember the name of this old PC game?

I'm looking for the name of an old pc game that I played in about 2005-2008 when I was 6-9 years old. If I remember rightly, it had a dragon/lizard type protagonist that you controlled in third person. The aim was to save these little furry things from metal cages and defeat end of world bosses. The game was quite hard at my age so I can only remember the first boss which was a big caterpillar/snake thing. It had 3D graphics but was very blocky. The title screen had the name of the game and underneath a slowly spinning platform showing the protagonist and a few trapped furry things. Please help this has been puzzling me for ages!:)
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  2. That game is definitely Croc. Ivan is correct. I use to love that game also :D
    And it is still playable via PS emulator ect.
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