Dying Graphics Card? Maybe?

OK right so I built my computer at the start of February and everything was working fine and great. Until I started having problems booting up... So I would try to start up my computer the PC of course would turn on but it would show up with a black screen? So I would have to unplug the PC completely and then turn it back on I have to do this about every 16 hours so it does not keep happening. So it only happens sometimes. So after this I went on CSGOLUCKY its a betting website but needless to say I saw one of the avatars for the player was kind of moving and upon close inspection I saw that it was pink, white, and neon all moving in a little line. OK so now I am getting a little worried I turn the computer off. Go to bed come back tomorrow having the same damn problem the PC would boot to a black screen. So when I unplugged it, and plugged it back in I saw this

So what do you guys think is my graphics card dying?

Oh and I have a GTX 970 PNY
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  1. this problem can be one of four things:
    1. Dying video card. A definite possiblity. Test theories 2 and 3 before considering the card is dying.
    2. Bad video cable or video port. Recommend testing other cables, different ports on your card, etc.
    3. Dying monitor. A nice way to test this theory is plug the 970 into an HDTV via HDMI or VGA if you don't have extra monitors.
    4. Bad connection between the card and the motherboard. Highly unlikely, but good to at least put out there.
  2. I think my graphics card is RIPPED it just made the loudest screeching noise that you would have ever heard in your life
  3. :lol:alright then it's probably the card if you're sure it came from the card and not a different component in your tower, at this point I recommend calling up/emailing PNY and seeing for a replacement, hopefully you're still under warranty (most manufacturers give a 1-year warranty on their hardware)
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