What chipset for a Pentium G3258 for best over clocking?

I am getting a Intel Pentium G3258 CPU and i want to know which chipset i should go for to over clock the best? i was looking and i see that the Z97 chipset can but idk if that is over kill for my cpu, but i do want to ability to eventually upgrade my CPU in a few years or so.
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  1. Z97 and make sure the BIOS is up-to-date.
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    For OC and upgrades, the Z97 is the best fit. The Z line is built for that exact reason. You can OC it on an H81 if you need to go cheap. But if you're looking for maximum capability and stability, as well as upgrades down the line, you'll want to spend just a bit extra on the Z series.
  3. Today, I think that any lga1150 motherboard that supports a G3258 will give you the ability to change the multiplier to conservative levels.
    Pushing this to ultimate limits may well require a more overclocking friendly motherboard.

    Any lga1150 motherboard should support a upgrade as high as a i7-4790K.
    Without a Z97 base, you will not be able to OC a i5-4690K, or a I7-4790K
    If your upgrade is to a 4790K, it will be a moot point since the 4790K runs at 4.0/4.4 stock. Overclocking will add 10% at most.

    If your upgrade in the future might include dual graphics cards, then a Z97 sli capable motherboard would be better.
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