Watercooler Radiator Top or Bottom

My Build So Far.

If you look at the bottom of the case i have room to move the radiator down there. In a pull config pulling air through the rad into the case.

Then put 4 140mm fans 2 on each side of the case also pulling air into the case.
Would this be a ideal setup or should i keep the setup as it is?
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  1. Just keep your setup just like that and just put the other fan as an intake or whatever you want. That is the right place for the radiator so.
  2. U know by looking at that pic I have no idea which is up or down! :D

    Pulling air through the rad into the case.?!?? that sounds like the worse idea ever, that's HOT air, why would you want hot air into the case? Cooling is about: Cool Air INSIDE, all Hot air OUT. Right?

    Sometimes Radiator can go on the bottom, but definitely NOT if it pulls hot air in. Because by nature, hot air wants to raise up, it's customary, and not fighting nature, to be on top.
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