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Hey guysz in my pc i have 4 slots of ram... in two slots i have two 1gb sticks... since i have two more slots i bought two sticks this time both are 2gb sticks... so can i fit them in.?? To get 6gb of ram.. and will it work,will it be stable and will it be dual channelled???

I need a quick answer pls..
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    Hi this should help

    1. The new memory should be compatible with the mobo. (check compatibility)
    2. Make sure the MHZ is the same for the 2x2GB to get the dual channel.
    3. Use CPUZ to check you memory whether it's working in dual channel or not.

    In my opinion, you might run into some trouble due to the mix match, but as mention you have bought it right?
    The worst thing is that your PC will not boot, then you should just get the 2x1GB stick out from the memory slot if it is not working.
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