Need a gaming pc build to max league and cs go!

Hey guys looking for a good build that will max cs go and league of legends at 60 fps the cheapest is better, i am new to gaming pc want to build my first pc so any help is welcome!
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  1. CPU: G3258 ($50 from microcenter)
    Mobo: MSI E34 ($50)
    GPU: R7 260x ($115)
    PSU: VP-450 ($35)
    RAM: 4x2gb G.Skill Ripjaws - 1600 ($55)
    HDD: 1TB Caviar Blue ($50)
    CD burner ($20)
    Case: Cougar Spike ($40), SPEC-01 ($35), Corsair 200R etc
    OS: $100

    Total: $500-550
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