Black screen appears after POST, BIOS menu and before windows 7 logo. What could be the problem?

I have:
AMD FX 4100
Antec 450W PSU
Seagate HDDs
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  1. Just to check, it starts up normally after the black screen?

    I think this is normal...
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    I had a similar problem. Black screen after Bios menu but before Windows 7 logo. Couldn't use F8 for advance options because it just took me to F12 boot menu. Repair didn't work, neither CMD boots commands.

    Here's what I did. I installed a new operating system on my primary hd, I didn't uninstall windows. This way I could see the menu to pick my operating system and finally use F8 again. I just picked start with last good option(Or whatever it's the name) and it fixed.

    I hope this help anyone else stumbling upon this problem using google.
  3. His solution will reinstall the bootloader. You could try a Win7 install disk boot and use repair before you try that though.
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