Build is ready! Need final tips/comments/suggestions before I buy parts

What I want to do with this computer is...
Gaming, school work, and browse the internet, and occasional video editing and photoshop. You might say the i7 isn't needed, but it's on a $90 discount if I pick it up at my local microcenter...
The resolution I want to run is 1440p, on a 60hz monitor. I want to be able to play games such as GTA V, Black Ops 2, other CoDs, Skyrim, Witcher, etc, at high settings.

Is anything bottlenecking/overkill?
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  1. The PSU may be a bit much for your build (maybe get a 650W PSU, although I'm not sure with the games and the resolution).
    Apart from that, everything works and all seems to be fine.
    Good luck with your build.
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    Very nice. No gripes here. Maybe get the newest version of the Z97-A board with USB 3.1
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